What makes a beautiful christmas tree

When it comes to creating a beautiful Christmas tree, there are a few important factors to consider. It is not just about the colours of your decorations, but the whole picture from the base tree, to the lights through to the star on top

Your beautiful Christmas tree

An artificial tree can be a more eco-friendly and cost-effective option than chopping down a live fir. If you’re wondering how to choose an artificial Christmas tree, consider the size, accents, and height. Our commercial Christmas trees are full and lush with multiple types of foliage. We also love our branches to go all the way to the ground, so we get the maximum amount of room for decorating.

The Lights

Our motto, you can never have too many lights. And we always use warm white lights – you can not beat that warm candle flame coloured lights. LED’s ensure your tree is energy efficicent and always looking beautiful. Wrapping your lights tighlty around the tree maximises the glow day and night.

The Colours

So how you choose your colours is important, too many and you loose the focus and theme too few can look flat and boring (OK, can also look amazing but you have to be brave and committed). When decorating commercially we generally choose two colour themes and mix the textures, finishes and sizes for adding further interest. Ensuring the decorations are evenly spaced all over the tree, from top to bottom also ensures a commercial look that is appealing to all.

The decorations

So your decorations can be simple, heirlooms or fun childhood memories, it doesn’t matter if you keep the decorations within your chosen theme and evenly spaced on the tree. Ensuring decorations are not too small and in proportion to the size of the tree also helps to create a wonderful commercial, classy look.

Large Christmas tree closeup decorated

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