all year round seasonal displays


The Festive store decorates all year long, working to help our clients create beautiful celebrations through out the year. From Easter, Lunar New Year, Halloween and school holidays, through to Diwali, our range of props and scene setters, together with our styling know how can help create memorable seasonal displays for retail, home and commercial settings.  

We have a huge range of specialist props and scene setters for hire, ready to create a magical display for your shopping centre, retail strip or commercial building.



A firm favourite in our house, Halloween has grown from an American holiday to a worldwide phenomenon. Retail shopping strips and centres have had great success with retail-led trick or treating and in-house displays.  A little scary, but fun and colour can create a must-go-to destination over this period.

Add social media and photo opportunities to shout your brand across your audience for Halloween this year.

lunar new year


A beautiful start to the year, the Lunar festival follows the Lunar calendar to celebrate the New Year between January 21 and February 20.   The Festive store has a large range of traditional fabric lanterns, Cherry blossom, Torii gate, display carts,  year specific symbols and more.  Our style team put together unique displays across Melbourne in retail, commercial and council properties

display easter


Always a favourite, with fun Easter displays bringing out the child in everyone. From Easter bunny gardening to a bright, colourful, spring display, Easter is a beautiful retail holiday, second only to Christmas for spending on food.   Engage your community with additions or dwell and activity spaces, and interactive displays for the school holidays.  Engage your community and bring them to your shopping centre these Easter holidays, with our Easter garden maze, mini golf, kids craft activities and of course visits from the Easter bunny.

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