This bespoke berry Christmas design for Kisume was all about the berries! Turning the traditional red Christmas tree on its head, berries, leaves and picks covered every inch of the trees and wreaths.

Past décor at the White House inspired this installation, when Former First Lady Melania Trump oversaw a bold new look.

Monochrome, typically associated with black and white or varying tones of a single colour. It emerged as a major interior trend this year, finding its way into Christmas décor. As well as black and white, it works beautifully with traditional Christmas colours such as red and gold.  Red, symbolizing warmth, love, and festive spirit, took center stage, lending simplicity and sophistication to our monochrome design. The use of a single colour created a cohesive and visually striking aesthetic that instantly elevated the final space.

The Festive Store then designed and produced these unique Christmas tree shapes and wreaths to fit the exterior areas of the Kisume restaurant’s  Flinders Lane premise.  The traditional red winterberry completed the contemporary look . Additionally, the monochrome red decorations exuded timeless elegance. By focusing on a single color, we were able to produce a cohesive and sophisticated look that transcended fleeting trends for the Kisume venue.

Throughout the Christmas season, starting in early November, bespoke 4ft and 6ft cone Christmas trees filled with red berries, picks, and leaves adorned the venue. On top of this, custom wreaths lined exterior windows and a large interior mirror, completing the festive transformation.

Bold and attention-grabbing, red served as the perfect choice for Kisumé’s  bespoke berry Christmas design. Not only that, it left a lasting impression on customers and enhanced the holiday ambiance.


View our lookbooks of installations, with a range of our past work from our wonderful clients.

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