Lunar New year decor, Melbourne

Decorate for Lunar New Year

Commercial decorating for Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is an important date and celebration for many cultures and is growing in its presentation in commercial and retail locations across Melbourne.   The Festive store shared a beautiful decoration in Spring Place, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne this year with our gorgeous tall Cherry blossom trees guarded by golden hares.

The Year of the Rabbit January 2023

This Lunar New Year, welcome calmness, balance and quiet constancy with the year of the rabbit. 2023 is the year of the rabbit and is recognised as the most gentlest animal in the Chinese zodiac, hiding a meek confidence and strength to pace forward. Thus, it is hoped 2023 will bring a gentle and calm energy.  The year of the Rabbit should be good for the Rabbit natives.  Things will finally start to fall into place after a 2-year period of struggles and hardship. Life will take a positive turn and your efforts will make you proud of yourself.

Our range of commercial decorations for Lunar New Year for hire and purchase include

  • red velvet fabric lanterns from 10cm to 120cm
  • cherry blossom trees including LED lit
  • Animal statues for each year of the zodiac
  • custom printed banners, flags, signage and symbols
  • dragon and lion dancers and decorations
  • Wicker and wooden lanterns, screens
  • Tolii Kowloon gate
  • Umbrellas, fans and other uniquely asian themed decor.



View our lookbooks of installations, with a range of our past work from our wonderful clients.

including Czech glass baubles and DIY designer tree packs

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