Wyndham Council

Christmas comes to Werribee Town Centre

This captivating display for Wyndham Council featured 2 enormous Christmas trees and an elf village. These interactive displays really brought the magic to Christmas to Station Plaza!

Huge 8m Walkthrough Christmas Tree

The hero was the impressive 8-metre walkthrough Christmas tree, inviting visitors to step inside and immerse themselves in its magic. Adorned with sparkling lights and elegant decorations, it offered a unique opportunity to bask in the festive spirit up close.

Of course, there was also a stunning 6-meter Christmas tree, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations. Standing tall and proud, it radiated holiday cheer.

Accompanying the towering tree were interactive elf houses, providing a glimpse into the busy world of Santa’s little helpers. Guests had the opportunity to explore these charming dwellings, sit in their homes and spread joy throughout the display. These interactive elements added a touch of excitement and engagement to the experience, making it memorable for all who attended.

With its blend of traditional charm and interactive features, this display provided families and friends with a memorable holiday experience. As visitors strolled through the enchanting scene, they couldn’t help but feel the warmth and magic of the season all around them. All in all, it was a cherished event that brought joy and wonder to all who attended, creating lasting memories for years to come.

Safety and technical install

The installation of the 8-metre walkthrough Christmas tree and 6-metre tree was a meticulous process, carefully planned and executed in collaboration with our partners. Harnessing the expertise of crane operators, we carefully lifted each section of the trees into place, ensuring their secure positioning.

Every step of the installation adhered to strict Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements, prioritizing the safety of both workers and visitors alike. Through meticulous planning and diligent adherence to safety protocols, we successfully brought these magnificent holiday pieces to life, ready to delight and inspire all who beheld them.


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