Lunar New Year 2023

This Lunar New Year, welcome calmness, balance and quiet constancy with the year of the rabbit. The rabbit is recognised as the most gentlest animal in the Chinese zodiac, hiding a meek confidence and strength to pace forward. Thus, it is hoped 2023 will bring a gentle and calm energy.

Lunar New Year 2023 falls on the 22nd of January. However, this isn’t the only day celebratory day, as there are other notable dates for new year:

  • January 14th is known as ‘Little Year’, and involves the beginning of thorough preparations, cleaning and cooking.
  • January 21st is known as ‘Lunar New Years Eve’, and consists visiting ancestors’ graves, sharing meals with family, giving red envelopes and setting of firecrackers or fireworks.
  • January 22nd is New Years Day, and until the end of the Festival, is spent visiting family and relatives, and giving presents.
  • February 5th marks the end of the festival with the Lantern Festival, where the streets are decorated with colourful lanterns. This also marks the beginning of the Spring season.

FUN FACTS: year of the Rabbit

  • Rabbit figurines with long ears are seen as good luck charms for businesses, as the long ears help them receive information faster and aid in the business’ development
  • the rabbit represents “longevity, peace, and wealth”.
  • the year of the Rabbit will be good for the Rabbit natives. Things will finally start to fall into place after a 2-year period of struggles and hardship. Your life will take a positive turn and your efforts will make you proud of yourself.
Artificial Cherry blossom tree in city foyer with gold rabbit at base.
Artifical Cherry blossom branches with a lunar new year red lantern

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