Bring some Easter magic in 2024

A hopping Easter for all the family with customised Easter decorations

Easter is a family favourite – the bright colours, gorgeous weather… Not to mention the chocolate! Traditionally a Christian festival, Easter has come to be celebrated by people of many different faiths. Eggs are a common symbol at Easter for the religious and non-religious alike.

Originally a symbol of new life, activities like egg decorating, egg rolling and egg hunting are all wonderful ways for the community to come together. But how else can you create connections at Easter? Here are some of our favourite ways to go about it:

Photo zone
Give the people what they want! 
Create a gorgeous display so your customers can selfie-up a storm.

Dwell space
Just imagine the look on their face as they discover that Spring has blossomed in the foyer!
Make a space for your customers to sit and enjoy the Easter spirit. 

Easter Bunny entertainer
Easter eggs are more delicious when the Easter Bunny hands them to you!
Hire an Easter Bunnies with their WWCC that will have all your visitors hopping.

Create lasting memories for your customers!
Also great for photo ops and social media, these displays create a touch of magic for everyone who spends the Easter period with you.

As always, if you need help bringing these ideas to life, The Festive Store team would love to talk all things Easter! We’ve done all kinds of projects all over Melbourne – hedge mazes, Easter egg hunts, archways – you name it.

We can also make customised Easter decorations for your space, so chat to us!

A bunny is about to climb a ladder onto a large white speckled egg

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