Diwali Displays

What is Diwali? 

Diwali is a five day festival of lights, symbolising the victory of light over darkness, while honouring Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Predominantly celebrated in the Hindu religion, it usually falls between late October to November, with each day of the festival commemorating different deities. It is also a time for visiting family and relatives, feasting, exchanging gifts, wearing new clothes and celebrating with fireworks.

During the Festival, small oil lamps are lit and placed in rows in temples, homes, and onto rivers and streams to float along. Homes are also decorated and floors are covered with rangoli; intricate designs made with flower petals, coloured rice and sand.

Diwali in Australia

Despite the Indian community living distant from their roots and traditions, this hasn’t stopped them from celebrating Diwali in Australia. Celebrations occur every year across the capital cities, with the opportunity for anyone to join in.

FUN FACT: during the festival, windows and doors are left unlocked, with the hope that Goddess Lakshmi will enter the homes and bless the occupants with wealth and success. The oil lamps, fireworks and rangoli are also to attract Goddess Lakshmi.

Closeup of LED Cherry blossom with marigolds for a Diwali display

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