Christmas Trends 2022 – Winter Frost

Christmas Trends Winter colours and style

Want to escape from the Australian summer Christmas and celebrate a white winter Christmas instead? Here’s your sign to hop on the Winter Frost trend.

The colour white may appear to be plain or too simple, but styling it correctly will truly make it radiate and you will see how fitting and magical it is in any home. Three key elements to keep in mind when styling a white Christmas are a limited colour palette, textures and lighting.

Keeping the base in a shade of white, or silver (or the occasional dusty green), and adding a combination of two or three colours is one way to make the white shine through, and this can be applied to any decorative arrangements.  Or if your vision is a true Winter Wonderland, incorporating textures are vital to avoid all the décor blending together and falling flat. Textured décor can be a woollen rug, knitted stockings, a ruffled or lace Christmas tree skirt, or glittery ribbons. And if you’re thinking of whether you want a cool or a warm wintery setting, this all depends on the lighting – lights with a blue undertone will create a cooler setting and lights with a yellow undertone will create a warmer setting.

Start planning your Christmas early to create a magical and charming Winter Frost Christmas. And don’t forget the faux snow!

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