Christmas Trends 2022 – The Great Outdoors

Christmas trends natural colours and finishes

A Green Christmas might be more common than you think this year, with natural wood tones and lush greens a predicted trend. As outdoor events become popular again and ignite the desire for escapism, there is also a sense of comfort, warmth and familiarity when the outdoors are bought indoors for a traditionally styled green Christmas.

While it has frankly been an ongoing trend, we’re steering away from the sole vision of styling for a traditional Christmas, and turning the focus onto a sustainable Christmas. The trend now is creating a sustainable traditional Christmas.

In a Twitter Insiders survey from 2021, 60% of people in the UK were more thoughtful about their Christmas Presents to avoid wasted gifts, and 70% were planning to reduce the amount of waste they produce at Christmas. These numbers will continue to grow as we begin planning for Christmas 2022.

Perhaps you could embrace the rustic and refreshing colour palette with a hint of beautiful Australian native plants? Waratahs, Bottlebrush flowers and Kangaroo paw flowers are just a few of the vibrant native plants out there which are ideal for making Christmas wreaths. Or for a more neutral, balanced style, Eucalyptus leaves, Wattle leaves and pine cones can be the perfect arrangement for the dining table. And get creative with your gift wrapping too by thinking eco-friendly and decorating them with sprigs of mistletoe and twine.

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