Christmas Trends 2022 – Festive Expression


A Festive Expression Christmas is predicted to be trending again and who doesn’t want a colourful Christmas right? But instead of sticking to a traditional festive style Christmas, why not think different and see where your creativity takes you? There’s honestly no rules when you’re playing with colour as ‘self-expression’ seems to be an ongoing trend this year, with “unexpected colour palettes, bold accessories, and social media-worthy tablescapes”, according to Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. So perhaps you might like to consider combining these arrangements for a Festive Expression:

  • A personalised tree: This can be a tree decorated with photos, letters or names, or any objects symbolic of each family member. This is sure to naturally bring a spread of colours.
  • Patterns and shapes: Steer away from the traditional round baubles, star toppers or solid coloured stockings and try adding some geometric flair or checkered patterns.
  • Unexpected colours: orange, purple, pink and teal are a few of the colours you don’t expect to see styled for Christmas but can they be the new red, green and gold? – absolutely! Try combining these odd colours to bring a sense of playfulness.
  • Flower power: Replace your garlands with a floral arrangement or decorate the dining table with petals to ring in a refreshing and fragrant Christmas.
  • Coloured lights: If you still fancy a neutral theme, perhaps multi-coloured lights around your home will be the perfect addition of colour.

After all, Christmas is all about community and celebration, and a Festive Expression theme is the perfect way to spark the love and joy.

Christmas table with long centrepiece down the middle

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