Christmas 2024 bookings are open!

People often ask us when they should get the ball rolling on their Christmas displays. The answer is always the same… right now! In that spirit, we are now taking bookings for Christmas 2024.

It might seem crazy early for some, but the truth is that the earlier you book in, the better.

Why should I book in early for Christmas?
  • First dibs. We have a huge number of requests, and limited resources. To make sure that you get that very specific giant LED reindeer, it’s good to book in early.
  • EOFY. Remember that rush to spend that cash before end of financial year? Booking in Christmas is the perfect thing to spend it on.
  • Best possible outcome. The more time we have to chat about what you really want, the better the result will be. It also gives us more time to perfect your items!
  • Cut-off is earlier than you think! We have limited timeslots, and we stop taking Christmas bookings as soon as they’re full. Which is way sooner than you’d think! So the earlier you book, the more likely we can lock it in for you.

Our latest catalogues and price lists are ready, so click below to start the conversation.

A towering tree is seen from the ground with gold presents at the base. There is a warm glow.

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