The Great Stupa

A special New Year celebration event at the Great Stupa

It was a delight to work with the lovely team at the Great Stupa, Bendigo! We felt very lucky to help them celebrate the Lunar New Year, and welcome in the Year of the Dragon.

Inside the visitor centre, we built a life-size cherry blossom tree, adorned with hanging lanterns and discs. One of our 18-metre dragons curled around the base of the tree, its cheeky face the first thing that visitors saw.

Nearby, an LED cherry blossom illuminated the area. Around the base stood a traditional lion’s head, along with fruit and traditional lanterns.

This room was completed with an LED ring featuring a 2D dragon and cherry blossom flowers scattered across it.

As visitors ventured to the external courtyard, they found a Torii gate standing proudly against the impressive backdrop of the Stupa. With hanging lanterns blowing in the breeze, the gate provided a picturesque photo opportunity. Flanking the gate, freestanding panels represented the 12 signs of the zodiac and their attributes.

We were also lucky enough to lead some children’s activities during the Great Stupa’s busy Lunar New Year program. We hosted local families as they created paper fire-breathing dragons and decorated their very own tote bags.

Featured in this Lunar display:

  • Artificial pink 3.6m Cherry blossom tree and base
  • Hanging Lunar fabric lanterns, custom printed hanging discs
  • 18m fabric Chinese dragon
  • LED cherry blossom tree and base
  • Lion’s head, fruit and decorative lanterns as scene setters
  • Gold LED ring on red base with custom 2D dragon print shapes
  • Torii gate with hanging 50cm lanterns
  • Bespoke Zodiac panels 1.8m, depecting the 12 years of the zodiac.

The Torri gate and Zodiac panels were installed outdoors for the celebration period, so additional weights and support were added to ensure the display was safe during the extended period.  Our team worked with the Great Stupa staff to ensure the display was in a safe location that maximised viewing.  Both displays were a huge success with a highlight of a visit to the Great Stupa a photo in front of the Torri gate.


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