Lunar New Year 2024

18 metre long dragons! The Festive Store install at Hawker Hall, 2024

The Year of the Dragon 2024

Lunar New Year kicks off on 10 February 2024 and welcomes in the Year of the Dragon! While Lunar New Year is deeply rooted in Eastern Asian cultures, its influence has transcended borders, becoming a cherished part of the cultural landscape in Australia and beyond.

If you know any Dragons – those born in 2024, 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952 and so forth – you might know them as creative, enthusiastic individuals with boundless energy.

There are twelve animals in the zodiac cycle, and superstition says that the animal shares its traits with the year itself. Last year, the Year of the Rabbit, brought peace and calm. So this year, perhaps the Dragon may bring us a year of good luck, strength and power (fingers crossed!).

Lunar New Year 2024 at The Festive Store

At The Festive Store, we’re proud to play our part in spreading joy during this auspicious time through our displays in shopping centres, commercial buildings, and cultural sites.

Already this year, we’ve worked with wonderful teams to bring festive cheer all across Victoria. We’ve hung hundreds of lanterns, installed countless cherry blossoms, built a Tolli gate, and laid out over 54 metres of dragon! We love learning more about what Lunar New Year means to different cultures, and how we can help celebrate.

Whether you partake in the festivities or simply observe from afar, we extend our warmest wishes for a year filled with prosperity, happiness, and good fortune.

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Red Tolli gate with lanterns

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