Christmas Living Tree


Our Christmas trees with living quarters have been a client favourite over the past 10 years. They are a magical experience for children and adults alike.  Each year we decorate Bendigo hospital foyer with our 6m steel cone tree, and in 2021 we added our living tree inside the hollow frame.    The hospital wanted something special in a COVID year and a special tribute to the essential workers who supported the hospital.

So the Elf hospital workers built themselves a Hospital Christmas tree with a doctor’s surgery including a sick elf with a broken arm, tucked up in his bed.  The construction elves were still working on the tree, installing the colourful fairy lights up the tree, passing them up to the top story window.  Children, families, visitors and staff all enjoyed peeking inside the giant Christmas tree for a little magic.  The elf display created a little whimsy in the tough COVID environment and allowed everybody to escape the hospital for a moment.

Our Christmas trees for hire are carefully designed and decorated for each client, so we ensure every look is unique and perfect for our clients needs.   Our team loved creating this special display for the hospital with a few of our favourite things:

  • the detail of the elf’s arm in a sling
  • the fireplace crackling at the back of the doctors room
  • the reindeer grazing waiting for the elves to get better
  • the individual Christmas trees for each hospital bed
  • the framed photos on the doctors bed of fellow elves

And the display was not just inside the Christmas tree, it extended up the full height of the XMAS tree with the workers stringing large festoon lights up the tree, working on their ladders and leaning out a window.   We really did have fun creating and installing this Christmas tree, which though lots of fun and whimsy, still created a beautiful commercial Christmas look inside the foyer of the hospital.


View our lookbooks of installations, with a range of our past work from our wonderful clients.

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