winter wonderland at eden rise

Eden Rise Village turned into a winter wonderland with this snowy Santa throne and photo zone! 


With bespoke backdrop and wooden slotted Christmas trees, the icy-green hues transformed the shopping centre. A large, ornate throne stood in the centre, waiting for Santa (or for an eager family wanting to snap a pic!).

A silvery nutcracker stood watch over the snowy seating and customised floor decal.


A visit from Santa made this Santa scene complete! A perfect opportunity to sit and rest or grab a photo, this Christmas winter wonderland bought a rush of the festive spirit to visitors.

Featured in this winter wonderland:

  • Custom 2-piece backdrop, custom printing
  • Floor decal, custom printing
  • Wooden slotted trees, custom painting
  • Box seating, custom painting
  • White throne
  • Silver nutcracker
  • Snowball props

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including Czech glass baubles and DIY designer tree packs

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