lunar new year at hive 2024

We love working on Lunar New Year at HIVE, and this year was no exception! The friendly customers were eager to ask about the upcoming celebrations. And once we were through, everyone was ready to welcome in the Year of the Dragon with a bang! 


Impressive 1 metre lanterns and 50cm lanterns hung in strings along the ceiling. This lead visitors through to the shops within the centre. Their red and gold hues were very attention grabbing from the moment you walked through the door.

In addition to the striking red and gold lanterns, we had two large cherry blossom trees,  each adorned with delicate flowers and bespoke discs. One was in the main ground floor space, and the other sat on the mezzanine, delighting people coming down the escalators. These trees weren’t just a feast for the eyes; they symbolise the renewal and the hope that comes with the Lunar New Year. And just quietly, they were the perfect backdrop for a selfie!


To top off these Lunar New Year celebrations, we coordinated a traditional lion dance. The air buzzed with the beat of the drums as the dancers, in their vibrant lion costumes, moved through the crowd. 

It wasn’t just about watching; it was about feeling connected. This display at HIVE created spaces where people could come together for the New Year. A place to celebrate tradition and welcome in a year of prosperity, joy, and togetherness. 


  • Cherry blossom trees
  • Tree adornments
  • Custom PVC disc
  • 50cm lanterns
  • 1m lanterns
  • A0 sign and easel
  • Floor decals
  • Lion dancing activation


View our lookbooks of installations, with a range of our past work from our wonderful clients.

including Czech glass baubles and DIY designer tree packs

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