140 William

A modern twist on the traditional red and gold, this dramatic display was at 140 William Street. Our custom-made, crimson Christmas installation welcomed visitors to the space.

At the heart of our festive display stood a magnificent 4.5m tree adorned with rich, monochromatic red hues, symbolizing the elegance and warmth of the holiday season. Draped across the tree and cascading gracefully onto the ground is a custom-made ‘train’, adding a luxurious touch to the already grand piece. The client embraced this bold decorative choice, which felt fresh and modern.

The ‘train’ motif continued subtly on the huge 1.5m wreath in the foyer. Adorned with festive accents and lights, the wreath added another touch of luxury and sophistication to the space. Additionally, a decadent red reception piece at the front desk bought the festive feel to the front desk.

A further 2 trees, both 2.4m stood further within the building, both sporting their own ‘trains’. Joining them, a stunning monochromatic gold reindeer, complete with a radiant ruby floral crown,  appeared to dive through them. This display was finished with oversized baubles and a golden plinth.

This custom-made crimson Christmas installation bought a festive feel to the corporate building at 140 William.


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including Czech glass baubles and DIY designer tree packs

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