Winter wonderland

Winter is coming, and we have to say, we’re here for it.

With a few crisp and clear mornings, hot chocolates and gorgeous coats, winter can be a beautiful time of year.

Here at The Festive Store, winter is exciting because it means we get to crack out some of our quirkier props and scene setters, which don’t get as much airtime the rest of the year.

Here are some of our favourites:

Bruce (a.k.a the polar bear couch)

Bruce is always popular – like, really popular! When clients come to view our showroom he steals the show. Winter is the best time to stretch out and just… sit in a polar bear.

A large polar bear couch sits infront of a snowy backdrop

LED snowflake

Our LED stars get strutted out all year long, but when winter comes it’s the snowflake’s time to shine! He gets extra points for brightening up a space with the impressively powerful globes, especially once daylight savings leaves us in the dark.

LED Snowflake with wooden trees in children activity zone in shopping centre

Snowy trees

Ok, so we use these a lot at Christmas too. But there’s something really special about seeing these snow-capped beauties when you’re all rugged up in your coat and beanie. Decorated or no, these trees always impress.

Snow white Christmas decorations

Woodland wonder

A winter scene wouldn’t be complete without a few deer peeping through the trees. We have LED deer, fluffy deer, golden deer… look, we have lots of deer.

We also have bunnies, mushrooms, tree stumps… throw it all together and you have yourself a wintery woodland dreamscape.

Winter Christmas trees with a reindeer standing behind a table setting for an event


…and snow-women! We have a bunch of snowpeople of different shapes and sizes. They all have different characteristics and add a bit of fun for kids and adults alike!

Snow theme scene consisting of two snow frosted trees with gift boxes, small LED reindeer and snowman on faux snow in front of a snowy backdrop.

Large smiling snowman with winter backdrop, blue carpet and children's tables and chairs

So don’t shy away from the cold – celebrate it! A well-decorated space filled with winter cheer can turn the chilly months into a season of warmth and joy.

Speak to us about your winter ideas!

White artificial Christmas tree with prop decorations polar bear and penguin in front of winter picture.

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