Choosing my Commercial Christmas decorations

checklist for Commercial decorating this Christmas

Christmas can seem very overwhelming at times, and choosing what Christmas decor you need can seem like an endless chore as there are so many beautiful items to choose.  So our commercial Christmas decorators at the Festive store have come up with a checklist of 20 questions to ask yourself when choosing your commercial Christmas decorations for hire.

Your commercial Christmas decoration theme

1. Do you like traditional or Modern Christmas decorations?

2. Do you like elegant and full decorations, or minimal and unusual?
3. Are your colleagues and customers traditional or modern decor people?
4. Is the Commercial space, that you are trying to decorate, modern, eco or traditional interior design?
5. Do you have any brand guidelines to follow?  Is there a colour you would like to incorporate into your Christmas decor?
6. What is the purpose of your Christmas decor? Are you trying to reward employees, invite clients into the commercial space? Portray the Christmas spirit?

Your commercial Christmas space

7. What commercial space do you want to decorate? Is it a sit-down area, high traffic, full of people or tucked away,
8. Does the decorating space change functions around events or days of the week?
9. When will your Christmas decorations be seen most? At night? Or day?
10. How tall is the decorating space ceiling? Do we need a ladder or scissor lift to safely access the ceiling?
11. How wide is the Commercial space? as decor gets taller it generally gets wider as well.
12. What is the ceiling made of?  Can you safely hang items of it? are hooks able to be added? what can we tie off on to?
13. Can I hang Christmas decorations off the walls, columns or the reception desk? Will I take off the paint or veneer?
14. Can I put hooks in for heavy items or should I use temporary hooks?  Can I tie off for safety?
15. Do I block any signage by hanging Christmas decorations? Fire exits or cupboards, do I block handrails or access to stairs or walkways?

Your commercial facilities and security

16. Does my facilities team need to approve decorations? Are their site rules on access, inductions, hanging items?
17. When do I want the Christmas decorations up? When do I need them down? Is the office closed over Christmas?
18. Do I have access to power? Can cords be made safe?

19. Is the decorating space protected b? can items be stolen or vandalised?

20. Is the space weatherproof? Is it windy or Wet?  Christmas decorations can be tailored for outdoor spaces to ensure they look great throughout the whole season.

Large Christmas at Preston Market

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