Christmas @ Milleara


The project was to create a lively Christmas display for the community at Milleara Shopping Centre and a welcoming display for Santa. Festive, red and gold was the theme, and we could not have created the magic without the help of Santa’s little elves.

We created a wonderful scene for Santa to visit in.  With Santa housing his real-life fiberglass reindeers in the barn, with wooden barn doors and haybales.  There was still room for Santa to visit them and sit in his throne during this visits to the centre.  Santa roamed for photos and also posed with the help of his elf.

The previous old dated trees of the centre were refurbished, reshaped into modern Christmas trees that matched other decorations and greenery.

A large 416ft tree was added for the food court area with cheeky elves working hard to build the display.  They could be seen climbing the tree and poking their heads out of the window high up in the foliage.

Additionally to complete the centre decorations, our large LED shapes glowed day and night to ensure the Christmas spirit was felt throughout the centre.  We included our 3m LED gold and silver present on base and our 3m LED tree shape 2D.  Both glow day and night and make a great photo for all, as reflected in the tags in social media.


View our lookbooks of installations, with a range of our past work from our wonderful clients.

including Czech glass baubles and DIY designer tree packs

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