15 William St


Bespoke decorated commercial Christmas trees on custom gold bases, lined the foyer of 15 William street, Melbourne.  The trees were then matched with the hero piece of a 14ft spruce pine Christmas tree by the entrance, decorated in thousands of fairy lights, gold and silver baubles, and metallic leaf picks.  Our Christmas trees are always covered in full and lush, high quality commercial foliage.  With thousands of tips on a steel frame for a strong tree. Our Christmas trees are then  hand decorated by our stylists for each individual Christmas client, to ensure they are a quality look for the Christmas season.  Each tree is full of commercial quality decorations in different sizes, textures and finishes to ensure the Christmas tree has interest and WOW factor.  Christmas baubles are mixed with picks and leaves to give a full and high commercial feel for each of our Christmas trees large and small.  All items were hired by the centre for the Christmas season.

The chosen theme for 2022 was Spirit, a mix of silver and gold in gloss and glitter.  The colours were chosen to complement the marble and stone walls and flooring.  Providing a beautiful sparkle and glow day and night.  All Commercial Christmas decorations were able to source power, to ensure the LED fairy lights were aglow.

Our LED wired gold baubles were a brilliant complementary piece to the trees, and brought a warm glow to the foyer. Filled with smaller baubles, they had a slight playful nature, but their clean design ensured they were a sophisticated selection.  All our light up props are designed for the Festive store and come tested & tagged ready for installation.

All Commercial Christmas decorations and trees were hired for the 2022 Christmas season in Melbourne.  Perfect decorations for corporates, businesses and retail centres alike.  View our Christmas decorating lookbooks for other commercial decorating we have done in Melbourne.


View our lookbooks of installations, with a range of our past work from our wonderful clients.

including Czech glass baubles and DIY designer tree packs

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