Olympic Games 2024

Nothing brings the world together – literally or figuratively – like the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games 2024 run from Fri, 26 July 2024 – Sun, 11 Aug 2024, and Paralympics from Wed, 28 Aug 2024 – Sun, 8 Sept 2024. Sport lover or not, the billions of viewers every four years suggest there’s something that strikes a chord with people all over the world.

They’re also a vibrant celebration of diversity, where differences are cherished and unity is forged through the love of sport. Every event, every athlete’s story, highlights our shared humanity and the beauty of our differences.

So the question is, how to celebrate the world’s most unifying event?

Office Games

Whether it’s Office Chair racing or trivia competition, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate at your workplace. You can run these for fun, or charge an entry fee and donate the proceeds to charity!

Give aways

Create a buzz around the building by giving away sports themed sweet treats! These locally made cookies are not just delicious, they are a lovely way to reward your visitors, employees or tenants.

Engaging displays

Give your visitors a chance to feel like the champions they are! It could be a fun photo zone, a themed dwell space or a tally board. 

Screening zone

The time difference can making viewing times a bit tricky, but we can still watch the Olympics together! These fun screening zones can play the highlights throughout the day, creating connections in your building.


A striking donation pod can really help with getting the best outcome for your charity. You may want to give the proceeds to a local sports team, Paralympics Australia, or another worthy cause.

Host a morning tea

The Olympics celebrate diversity and culture through sport, but you can also do this through food! Encourage conversation and community through a shared meal, with dishes from around the world.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the Olympic Games 2024, we hope you enjoy it! If you do want to incorporate some of these ideas but don’t know where to start,  get in touch!

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