Christmas Trends 2022 – Lavish Glamour

Christmas trends luxurious and glamour

You guessed it, a Lavish Glamour Christmas is exactly how it sounds – luxurious, glamorous and enchanting, filled with rich velvet textures, deep reds, emerald greens, royal blues and copper tones. If you were thinking of going bold this Christmas, this might be the trend for you. Last year we saw a burst of bright and cheerful colours in Christmas styling and now, it’s time for the whimsical and enticing colours to make their way into our homes.

Typically this style looks best against a dark feature wall, but if you only have white walls in your home, you can still make it work. Swap out your rug for a velvet purple or dark blue one and if you can, bring in matching furniture pieces and a coffee table with a gold or copper detailing. Or perhaps you’re thinking of starting small and might try picking a certain area in your home to glam up instead – this could be the staircase, hallway or dining table.

How ever you choose to feature this style, it is sure to elevate your home with an expensive touch and leave a lasting impression.

Christmas wreaths on wall with table setting

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