Why hire commercial Christmas decorations?


The Festive Store offers our extensive range of Christmas decorations, trees and props for hire only.  Though we do provide special sale orders for our clients for custom designs, our business model has been rental for over 10 years.  This does make us a little different from other commercial Christmas decorators, but we believe there are so many benefits to our customers and the community.

So why hire for Christmas this year?  Why rent your tree and decorations? 

environmental impact

The Festive store keeps our Christmas and seasonal decorations for approximately 5 to 10 years,  by using quality base products and mixing our decorations through theming and styles.   Our Christmas trees and greenery are commercial high quality with many items having been with us from the beginning (16 years ago).  Any tired items or outdated are donated to charity and community groups to give them a new life.  We also have the opportunity to use our over 15 years Christmas decoration experience to review our decorations and update and refresh them through our own workshop.  Christmas decoration structures can be repainted, lights restrung and tinsel removed to bring old decorations into new uses.  By refurbing and re-using our decorations we avoid landfill for large Christmas items and ensure the longest life for our items.  Avoiding landfill ensures that our client’s Christmas decor is not contributing to the growing problem in Australia of waster management.

trend updates

We all know that trends change,  we see new colours and styles of decorations coming and going.  To hire commercial Christmas decorations and greenery our customers are able to keep up with the trends and customers needs.  The Festive Store travels around the world each year accessing the trends and new decorations (OK it may have been virtual travel in COVID times).  We enable all our customers the chance to update their decorations every year.  Rose gold, copper or bright pink these colours have come and gone, beautiful in their own right in their year.  But now you won’t see these colours on Christmas trees as the new trends of dusty pink, caramel and platinum colours come in.  Check out our Christmas trends for 2021 blog post for inspiration.


This is a big and expensive problem for many customers who look to buy their commercial Christmas decorations.  Having space to store large scale Christmas decorations is a luxury many locations do not have or can afford to have.   By hiring their Christmas decorations our customers can avoid

  • tripping over decorations in roof spaces, corridors and empty shops
  • having to pay for expensive external storage,
  • losing their decorations,
  • having their decorations ruined by rodents and the weather


Commercial Christmas decorations are often expensive as they are high-quality decorations with a limited market in Australia.  To hire commercial Christmas decorations customers can reduce this initial huge outlay, and defer costs over a number of years.  By hiring for Christmas, businesses can display high quality Christmas decorations on a smaller budget, and avoid a display not worthy of their premises

Large Christmas star in gold and led

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